How it all started

The idea of creating an OWSD National Chapter for Cameroon had been on the minds of many Cameroonian female scientists. However, it was not until during the OWSD Fifth General Assembly International Conference in Kuwait, May 2016 that a group of eight Cameroonians concerted to start working on this. From that meeting, a Yahoo and WhatsApp group was created as a forum to bring together and engage other female scientists in Cameroon. Since its inception in 2016, there are a total number of  over a 100 members".
The first General Assembly held on June 29, 2018 at the University of Yaounde I, and saw attendance of 68 female scientists from six regions of Cameroon. From this meeting, we achieved a better representation of the Cameroonian female scientists in the group, voted the members of Executive Committee and Advisors, reviewed the Constitution and designated a team to follow-up registration of the National Chapter.