OWSD-CAM has as main goal to promote activities that improve female participation in science and technology in Cameroon. It is within this context and as part of its Official Launching Ceremony scheduled for 17-18 December 2019 at the Yaounde of Yaounde I main campus that OWSD-CAM is announcing the call for applications for its first ever Science and Technology Competition for secondary and high school. The OWSD-CAM Science and Technology Competition recognizes outstanding students for their creative and innovative project in science and technology.


Students should identify an everyday problem that directly impacts them, their families, their communities and/or the global population and present a new innovation or solution that could impact or solve the problem they have identified.

The students are given two (2) months to work on their project from the time of the call.

 During the Launching Ceremony, contestants will present their project in the form of a display board and/or models they have created.

All contesting teams are also invited to attend a workshop on “The Importance of Science and Technology and ts Impacts to the Society: The Case of Cameroon”, which will be held on the December 18 2019.


Judges will evaluate projects based on the following criteria

  • Inspirational idea

  • Capacity to make an impact

  • Passion for science/Technology

  • Written project

  • Board Display

  • Oral Presentation


The competition is open to secondary and high school students between the ages of 13-18 from schools in the Centre Region.

To participate, each school is expected to form a team of seven (&) members of at least five female students. The group leader is must be a female student.

The team can have a team supervisor (a teacher) who helps keep the team on track but does not assist or interfere with the team’s project.

Projects can be submitted/presented in English or French

Participation is free.


Winners will:

  • Receive award certificates

  • A cash prize of for the best project and

  • Be invited to the celebratory dinner.


Important Dates

  • Open call for Registration: September 9, 2019

  • Submission of project: November 8, 2019

  • Exhibition: December 1, 2019

  • Announcement of winners: December 17, 2019

  • Award of prizes: December 17, 2019


 Project Guide


Che Randy Nangah

General Secretary OWSD-CAM

E-mail :

Tel : +237 681 95 39 23